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All star weekend!

Hi there Greenfingers! 😊

This week I’m back in WA and back in my thermals! 😊

Today was gorgeous, the perfect gardening weather and we have several more days like this to come so be sure to make the most of it before the wet stuff returns towards the end of the week!

Not only is it a great weekend for gardening but sports fans will be settling down for the Wimbledon semis and finals plus F1 Grand Prix from Silverstone in the UK…’Go Danny Ric’!

So, from our Aussie star of F1 to our stars of the week at WPF! Just gotta love a Lyrata! Ficus Lyrata have really taken the plant world in WA by storm over the last couple of years and the pics attached just show exactly why, lush, green and laden with that fiddle-shaped foliage we all love. Our 200mm Lyrata is the perfect example of this plant at its best! Playing second fiddle (lol) this week is the Sedum Gold Bambini or Gold Mound, a truly stunning little pot of gold that really outshines many others in the nursery this week, so good we had to show it from all angles and of course a group shot! 😊

Have a great week guys, don’t hesitate to call if you need any help or advice on our current stock.

Best wishes


Wanneroo Plant Farm

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