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Ahoy there Perthlings…think we’re gonna need a bigger boat! :)

In the immortal words of Shakespeare…”Now is the Winter of our succ…ulent!”

The groan, that just rippled through our most tolerant mailing list audience (that’s you) like a Mexican Wave at a footie game, registered around a 10 on the Richter Scale for which the more sensitive of you out there (with a more discerning sense of humour) would be well within your rights to demand an apology! I feel an equally enormous wave of appreciation and understanding will follow like the tide ebbing gently onto the sand when you peruse this week’s succulent selection of photos, a mouth-watering bunch of beauties basking in the break from parching sunshine and flourishing forth in full colours! Aeonium Kiwi, Echeveria Morning Beauty, Crassula Muscosa

In addition, let me also colour your Winter palate with the delicate, diminutive blooms delightfully dressing a darling, dwarf Diosma…Coleonema Compactum (botanical name derived from the Mafia ganglands of ancient Greece…or is my imagination working overtime)?

Maybe, it’s time to quit while I’m ahead and bid you a great week

Stay safe, warm and dry guys!

Best wishes

Jo :)

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