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Warming words!

Welcome to the weekend wonderful Perth Peeps! 😊

It is promising to be a beautiful long weekend with some cooler nights but some Perthect days, so get out and enjoy it to the max! Hopefully the rest of June will be nice and gentle on us too but hey, nothing is promised and we have been incredibly lucky with our weather this past year so I shouldn’t be greedy! 😊

I have to admit to being incredibly self-indulgent this week mostly down to the Flu, also one of our amazing Site Managers fell foul of the Flu too and the rest of our incredibly awesome staff carried on brilliantly regardless! My dear partner fueled my indulgence, the dear man understands how badly I succumb to the cold weather (or he gets sick of the moaning) and being the techno-gadget man/fan that he is came up with the most brilliant gift possible (online shopping addict of the century more like…we know all the Couriers by their first names and could stock a second-hand packaging store)! The incredible Self-heating Vest or Waistcoat, depending on where you come from, is an absolutely genius idea, run on power packs previously designed for charging mobile phones, when it’s not possible to plug into mains power. I have a couple of these USB chargeable power packs that fit neatly into the waistcoat pockets and the three heat settings keep me snug and cosy over/under whatever I choose to wear (admittedly it could make my specs steam up on a rainy day but that’s the time for thoughtful partner to buy me a pair of Elton John glasses, the ones with the little windscreen wipers)! One of these will definitely be at the top of Santa’s wish-list living in the North Pole and all! Please don’t get me wrong, we don’t sell or endorse them, in fact ‘He Who Shall Be Obeyed’ can’t even remember where he ordered it from <slap head emoji> but mine is just the answer to my prayers and I absolutely love it! I’ll be thinking of a few poor shivering friends and relis to buy one for when I can find where he got it from…perfect for us outdoorsy type folk!

To continue in my very indulgent theme I’ve attached two glorious Winter warmer photos this week, the beautiful red leaves on the Pyrus Cleveland Select trees and the stunning sea of radiant Nandina with different varieties merging into each other like the glowing embers of a fire. Just to show you that every season in the garden or landscape can bring a new vision to behold.

Have a great week lovelies 😊

Take care and stay warm.

Best wishes


PA to Rod & Em

Wanneroo Plant Farm

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