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The Colour of Winter :)

Hi there once again Greenies!

I promise not to moan about the cold this week! I’m trying to see the wonder of Winter, it definitely does have its blessings…apart from fires, food, red wine, (which I think we may have covered) but the layers of thick and indeed baggy clothing to keep us warm (and hide the muffin-top created by the aforementioned food and wine), the way it makes us appreciate our warm, cosy bed and the adorable pet/pets that cuddle up a little closer to you in order to keep warm themselves! In addition to all the raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens etc., there’s the magical transition in our beautiful plants and gardens (if you can avoid focusing on the astounding amount of weeds that appeared overnight and the grass that doubled in height). The lawn is finally green where there’s been a bald brown patch of dirt all summer and everything is looking healthy and lush, sun-bleached foliage becomes vibrant with colour and it’s almost like a magical spell has worked across the land to paint everywhere with colour! Get out there and enjoy it I say (but don’t forget your thermals lol)!

Our various succulents and Cordylines are perfect examples of the amazing flush of Winter colour, I’ve included the Cordyline Rubra this week to share the stunning flush of bright pink new growth and the Cordyline Caruba for its smooth, velvety, dark chocolate tones and fabulous size for a 200mm. The gorgeous healthy green hue from the carpets of foliage around the nursery is so hard to ignore and it never ceases to amaze me how some plants just transform, the darling duo of Agapanthus Silver Baby and Agapanthus Blue create a fabulous floral contrast when planted out together and then there’s the tremendous trio of Dietes (Irridoides, Bicolour and Grandiflora) who complement each other so well with their green fronds at different heights and thickness and those incredible, delicately detailed flowers waving around on the breeze. Doesn’t it all just remind you how pretty darn clever that marvelous Mother Nature is!

Have an amazing week out there!

Best Wishes


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