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Warming thoughts!

Welcome to the weekend lovelies! 😊

Wonderful weather for cracking out the favourite jeans, baggy boyfriend jumpers and oh my word those heavenly Uggs! I’m also a huge fan of the smell of wood fires filtering through the cold evening air already, haven’t got around to lighting mine yet but it’s been close let me tell you, only delayed by the inner warmth produced by ruby velvet liquid commonly known as Shiraz! 😊 So, it looks like we are in for some very cosy evenings next week with the temps dropping to around 9 degrees, but the days are still up there in the 20’s so great weather for gardening!

I’ve been presented with a plethora of pics again for you guys this week and know you’ll be looking at getting lots of lovely planting done while we have this gorgeously mild weather. Still in full bloom, profusely popping purple petals and looking amazing are our Polygala Mini Gala 200mm all set to brighten any garden bed or border. As are the luminous Limonium Perezii with their lovely leathery leaves and those paper-thin purple-blue petals that last so long in the garden bed or feature pot and can be dried for a perfect indoor arrangement addition! Our next pic of the week is the stunning bay of Autumn colour that is our sea of Nandina, the colder weather makes them flush with colour and the warm hue that emanates from the Blush, Nana, Moonbay and Obsession is truly glorious!

The final word this week goes to plants who like to be potted! My potted patio Cordyline is thriving in the shaded area, un sun-scorched, it looks practically perfect and vivaciously vibrant right now and so are the Rubra in the nursery! Euphorbia Firesticks are proving a popular succulent for making a great feature statement in an ornamental pot, not just on a shady patio but oceanside balconies lend themselves to this stunning statement piece, the green or orange coral-like appearance is unique and the attached photo of our 305mm is no exception! Hope this has helped to inspire your gardening creativity and planning but if you have any queries give us a call to see what else we may have to interest you.

Have an awesome week!

Best Wishes


PA to Rod and Em

Wanneroo Plant Farm

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