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Weekly Update 12/04/19

Hey Perth Plant Peeps! :)

Hope you’ve enjoyed a few cooler days and even a spot or two of the wet stuff today! I just love Autumn for the more user-friendly weather but am secretly (or not so secretly now I’ve told you guys lol) dreading the impending coldness that is Winter! Let’s not think about that yet…I’m going to ignore it’s ever-looming presence a little longer, let’s face it nobody looks attractive in thermal long johns! The temps are thought to be dropping on Sunday so if you’re visiting the Perth Garden Festival be sure to rug up and be prepared for some rain according to my weather app, in fact maybe go on Saturday instead! With the kids on Easter holidays and two very short weeks/long weekends approaching we will all be watching the weather very carefully indeed!

In fact, now is a great time to encourage your kids out into the garden to burn some of that pent-up energy…or take them to work and get them to help with the gentler tasks involved with landscaping! Nothing like nurturing an early appreciation of plants and hard work lol, they’ll be desperate to get back to school by the end of the week

Ok, time for our picks of the week; so that the kids have something easy to plant and care for how about the fantastic Aloe Vera! The attached photo is a 200mm and really is stonking good value for money, they will look amazing all year round, are easy-care and perfect wherever you put them be it a pot, bed or border plus its natures first aid kit – soothing bites, stings and burns (something else to teach the kids this week). Whilst on the easy flourisher lets look at the Aeonium Kiwi or Tricolour, gorgeous colour changes can be seen in this attractive succulent depending on the season and the amount of shade in its habitat, making it easy on the eye as well as easy-care. It lends itself to any application and is a very flexible little friend in the Aeonium family. Holding the thought of children in the garden…I remember loving the Flower Fairies books as a kid and there’s nothing better to occupy a busy imagination than a gorgeous bit of forest floor type planting with a few woodland violet flowers and cascading delicate green foliage Viola Hederacea is the shady under-planter’s dream (whoops, perhaps I should rephrase that lol)! Nothing better for creating the need for some shady under-planting than a nice bit of Bamboo, not just any Bamboo will do but Tiger grass is a stunning green leafy variety which won’t grow out of all proportion and dwarf the Fairies in the garden! Thysanolaena Tiger Grass is a clumping perennial grass plant that looks like Bamboo and grows to a maximum height around 3 meters depending on its location.

Well, I’ll leave you contemplating the Fairies at the bottom of the garden and whether you should’ve had that second glass of vino!

Best wishes


PA to Rod and Em

Wanneroo Plant Farm

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