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Weekly Update 5th April 2019

Hola lovely plant peeps 😊

What a glorious Autumnal Perth weekend, I hope you've all had time to relax and enjoy it! I would think our WA Bunnings stores and other garden centres would be having a very busy old time of it this weekend!

Talk about busy weekend, we have two long weekends looming upon us with Easter just around the corner followed by Anzac Day…crikey, that’s a double whammy to be sure! I’m not sure our barbie will stand up to all that use lol! May be time for a new one (which means yet another trip to Bunnings lol, we went to two different stores yesterday and Him Indoors has just popped out to get something we forgot so that’s three times so far this weekend…is there such thing as Bunnings addiction)?

Here at WPF we have had a monster production period and are choc-full to the gunnels of beautiful plant babies looking gorgeous and growing their little green hearts out! Our Syzygium Resilience in 200mm pots is looking fabulous with great hedging potential but if it’s a statement piece or a topiary row then the Grewia Lavender Star 305mm standard is just in flower and looking pretty as a picture!

If it’s beds and borders or pots, you’re needing to fill then you’ve come to the right place! Our Aeonium 200mm selection would create a fabulous effect in any border, bed or feature and of course we have a massive selection of succulents to create the most beautiful succulent bowl centre piece,…two weeks in a row is not how we usually roll but the Aloe Mighty Coral is just too stunning not to feature again! I’ve zoomed in on these stunning flower stems for your browsing pleasure and to give you the idea of the fantastic effect a mass planting of these beauties would create, just stunning!

Ok, enough from me, have a great week and happy planting my friends 😊

Best wishes


PA to Rod and Em

Wanneroo Plant Farm

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