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Weekly Update 29/03/19

Happy Weekend Greenthumbs 😊

Oh, the horror! The horror that is the realisation of entering the second quarter of the year! Monday can’t really be April 1st can it? Oh, my goodness…April Fool’s Day! Does anyone do that anymore or is society too litigious for such frivolity and light-hearted prankster play? I used to love spending my pocket money on those harmless little packets off fun in the Jokes section of the local toy shop…dehydrated worms were a compact little trick easily dropped into a school chum’s glass of water during lunch in the canteen, black soap (appeared white until lathered up with water), peppered sugared almonds, gag blood or the unforgettable fake nail through the rubber finger! All a great, harmless giggle or just a true testament to how innocent and gullible we were back then, yes, I am going back to the days of the quill pen of course!

So, you would be forgiven for thinking the first photo in our luscious line-up was an April fool prank when I tell you this Ficus Lyrata Bambino is a 130mm pot size! The stunning fern in our next photo is also great value as it’s a 200mm pot that’s got a lot, a lot of Nephrolepis Emerald Queen in it!

The final three photos this week all have one thing in common, the fabulously fragrant Gardenia Radicans, the eye-popping pink Azalea Rouge Parterre and the awesome Aloe Mighty Coral, flowers! They are all currently flourishing in this gorgeous weather and flowering their little heads off!

So, this week my friends, be sure to take care and pay great attention to the new faces appearing on our availability list as there are several new to us, also take care to watch out for those April Foolers amongst us, be sure to have the last laugh and a great week! 😊

Best wishes


PA to Rod and Em

Wanneroo Plant Farm

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