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Flower Power!

Happy Sunday Green Thumbs 😊

I hope you’re all enjoying a great weekend! The Formula 1 season has started with the first race in Melbourne today and from what I can hear from the very-large TV in the lounge room it is all far too exciting for my blood pressure to cope with so it’s a good job I’m in the office chatting to you guys instead! “Go Danny Ricciardo”! No doubt I will get a blow-by-blow account from him indoors shortly! 😊

The weather has been amazing yet again this past week and our plants are just loving it! So, keeping it short and sweet for you I thought we would just flout our flowers lol! A bit of plant porn for you with a full frontal from the flourishing Mesembryanthemum Magenta, this stunning stalwart of WA deserves her glorious title with this stunning show of blooms, it feels like a real insult to reduce her down to Pig Face! Again, one of those names which baffles my noggin! They must’ve been on some pretty good shit to look at these beauties and say, to hell with that long botanical nonsense…lets call it “Pig Face”!

How to follow that? Well we have some gorgeous ladies lined up in our next photo for you, full of flower and posing their petals proudly are the three Nerium Oleander ladies; Madonna, Mrs Andreason and Single White, proper lovely they are too! Had to raise the tone a little after my earlier outburst, apologies for unladylike language but not sorry enough to edit it out lol!

Ok lovelies, have a wonderful week 😊


PA to Rod & Em

Wanneroo Plant Farm

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