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Halloweeee Perthlings!

How the devil are you all this wonderful witching weekend?

We are keeping on theme this week with our two beautiful sacrifices....I mean offerings to the plant Gods being dressed in blood red, it seemed only fitting don't you think? Bwahahahahah!!! (Goulish laughter)!

Our native Anigozanthos Clear Red look frighteningly fabulous in 200mms with their tantalisingly tasty crown of rhesus red blooms and we are terrified that these tempting Callistemon Hannah Ray in 130mms will disappear overnight in a ghostly poof! The bees in the nursery want them to stick around awhile and burst into flowers the colour of the life blood of the vampire bat itself!!!

So sorry if we've hortified you by the absence of the odd flesh eating Venus Fly Trap, a Black Bat plant or two, or perhaps you crave a nice succulent Medusa's Head or even a Brain Cactus...if it's these mysterious beauties from the dark side that you crave then perhaps you'd better return at nightfall when the moon is full and the bats are in flight to see what you can find...or what finds you more like! Bwahahahahah!!!

Sleep well my friends, sweet dreams


Wanneroo Plant Farm

Ph: 08 9405 2615

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