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Happy Saturday everyone! So I hope we are all enjoying a bit of respite from the heat today?

Well, I thought I would mix it up a bit this weekend after braving the shops trying to get some Christmas shopping done before the madcap mayhem ensues as the big day draws dangerously closer. Indeed...bah humbug!

Actually I can’t complain, I am far more fortunate than most. In our family we have an agreement not to exchange pressies instead we exchange gourmet delights, booze or an occasional gag gift. However my mum and I secretly struggle with this rule and don’t always adhere to it! It was actually her recommendation that we should discuss some Christmas origins to get into the festive spirit...once again...bah humbug!!

No I jest! I thought this was charming and appropriate seeing as its only 18 days away!! #holyf***ballsbatman#yepiwentthere#howdoxmastreelightsgetmoretangledeveryfreakinyear??!!

Side note - I found a simple solution to this one...nope not by returning them to original packaging...simply remove fully decked tree and place in shed under tarp ready for next year...huzzah!

Anyways back to charming crimbo origin stories.

Now a lot of you may already be familiar with this one - mince pies were originally filled with minced meat! Not only that but were also oval shaped to represent the manger that Jesus slept in. Can you imagine your beef mince spliced with dried fruit, spices, brandy encased in pastry? (Actually doesn’t sound too bad to me!) During Georgian times in the UK, the more elaborate the mince pie shape the richer and more esteemed your station in life was viewed to be, showing off chefs with mad culinary skills on their payroll!

Well I will leave you with that interesting glad tidings tidbit and don’t forget to check out our pricelist pics...aggies still bursting with buds and our aloe mitriformis looking mighty fine in festive flower with a fresh new look for Christmas thanks to our manager Amy adorning them in red Santa pants I mean pots!

Ok team will love you and leave you and look forward to more festive factoids next week! I know a whole week away...try and contain yourselves ;)

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