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Greetings and salutations fine folk!

Happy weekend to you all, I hope you’re all enjoying yourselves.

So the time has once again arrived for me to lull you to sleep with my incessant nonsensical babblings for absolutely no reason whatsoever other than to give my poor partner some respite. Oh yes and to showcase some of our plants of course...silly moi!

So I have been pondering the delightful idioms once again because I’m inquisitive and obsessive and decided to do some further research but this time delved into colloquiums from all over the world! Yep I went deep down the rabbit hole! I like to learn new things and keep it fresh you know! So prepare yourselves...price list funny phrases edition!

So I won’t walk around in porridge...I’ll get straight to it!

Now before you emit smoke from seven orifices yes we have been a tad repetitive when it comes to our aggies but not to inflate a cow or anything but you can see why...come on!! Just check out the buds on our blue babies!

Next up we have our newly added Asplenium island beauty and I think you would agree that they are looking like a maggot living in bacon! Much like our enormous elkies! Both featured in our popular Balinese dream range.

Now I’m not trying to hang noodles on your ears...but I wager our Gollum 250s are the heftiest and chunkiest in all the nursery land...and beyond!! An excellent feature choice and also a conscientious one as they are extremely water-wise.

Last but not least we have our tall and towery tolley olives! From the pic it’s as clear as dumpling broth that they are looking full and lush, having the appeal of the olive appearance minus the fruit drop for those out there who aren’t fans.

Well I have other cats to whip so I won’t keep you any further.

Will leave you to figure out what these mean if you find yourselves that committed hehe!

Take care!

Sent from Emma

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