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Messages from the other side...

Hola Peeps! 😊

Don’t tell the boss but I’ve absconded for a week of warmer weather, Wimbledon and wine! Trying to fly under the radar so they don’t know I’m missing! I’ve taken my laptop and thanks to the hotel wi-fi I’m working on keeping you guys in the loop whilst I indulge! I knew you wouldn’t mind and to show my gratitude I’ll share the following beautiful bevy of Winter beauties…

Nandina Blush, Myrsine Africans and Epipremnum Aurea…all looking beautiful and all for very different applications.

Haven’t gone far away (watching Wimbledon on TV lol), but it’s definitely warmer on the other side of this big island of ours!

See you next week 😊

Stay safe, warm and dry guys!

Best wishes


Wanneroo Plant Farm

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