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Welcome winter!

Hey there Greenies!

Welcome to the last WPF update this autumn! It pretty much feels like winter is upon us already but I think we all know it's going to get a lot colder from here on in!

The slow cooker has been working overtime and I've spent the weekend wishing I'd brought logs in before the rains came <slaphead emoji>!

For those of you rushing to get jobs/projects completed prior to the wrath of winter making you wish it was long finished, we have a couple of firm favourites to make your life easier!

Our Alternanthera Little Ruby in 200mm are looking phenomenal and giving great value for money as they bush out over the pot, such a wonderful, flexible plant. At home in a planter, as borders, low hedging, in beds...the list goes on and it's gorgeous burgundy foliage is at home in full sun or part shade, even tolerating a touch of frost when established!

If it's a bit more height or screening you're after then look no further than our Tiger Grass Bamboo in 130mm. This perennial grass/bamboo look alike is effective screening and it's tight clumping growth habit looks great in a feature container! Happy in full sun or part shade this leafy green perennial screen will grow to a max of 3.5m in ideal conditions.

For more info on these or any other goodies on this week's updated list don't hesitate to give us a call.

Have a great week! Jo :) Joanne Hughes Wanneroo Plant Farm Ph: 08 9405 2615


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