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Hi Perthlings,

Hoping those of you in areas affected by cyclonic weather this weekend remain safe and well.

Our picks of the week this week are led by some tropical stunners that come from our Balinese Dream Range. Blechnum Gibbum Silver Lady has a distinctly tropical appearance, loves shade, humidity and well-drained soil. It does well indoors, in a planter outside in a shady spot or as a great feature under the shade of established trees. Quite a fast growing fern with elegant green fronds, it does best when in a moist, shady spot protected from direct sunlight and winds. In an ideal position this tropical beauty can reach a height around 1.5m and a width around 1m.

Nandina Domestica Nana (Sacred Bamboo) whilst a treasure member of our Balinese Dream Range for it's distinct tropical appearance this non-invasive, dwarf, evergreen shrub thrives in the exact opposite of habitats to the Silver Lady Fern. Nandina Nana loves a hot, dry spot in sandy soil and doesn't object to coastal conditions in full sun or part shade. It's also resilient to frost and drought and grows in a neat form ideal for containers or garden beds where it provides a stunning change of foliage colour through Autumn/Winter from greens to reds and reaches approx 60cm high and wide in ideal conditions.

Nandina Domestica Moon Bay has much finer foliage than it's robust dwarf family member above. Moon Bay exhibits more vibrant colour changes throughout the colder months and attains a greater size, up to approx 1m in height and width. Moon Bay thrives in the same conditions as Nana but lends itself to a wider variety of applications such as low hedging.

Trachy Tricolour is our final offering this week, a divine, attractive, multicoloured member of the jasmine family with it's variegated foliage remaining colourful and attractive all year round in shades of green, cream and pink. It has a flexible, versatile growth habit of low, mounding, ground cover lending itself to a low hedge with some trimming or trainable, trellis-trailing climbers, equally attractive applications. The Trachy Tri gets its crowning glory of fragrant, white, star-like flowers through Spring and Summer to add to its sensory delights! Happy in full sun or part shade and well drained soil, it can reach up to 0.5m wide and 2m high.

Have a great week :)

Kind regards Jo Joanne Hughes Wanneroo Plant Farm Ph: 08 9405 2615


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