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Let us whisk you away...

What a sizzler of a weekend it was, absolutely perfect weather and I hope you all enjoyed yours as much as I enjoyed mine!

This is the weather we all love and flourish in, getting out and about in fresh air and sunshine. The plants all love it too!

Our Sapium Sebiferum or Chinese Tallow is clearly flourishing in the attached photo; a colourful, attractive, deciduous tree. It's round or oval pointed leaves turn red in autumn and green-yellow flowers are followed by fruit with wax-coated seeds, the fruit turn black when ripe. They can grow to a maximum of 15m but generally reach 6-10m tall. This easy-care tree is able to grow in a variety of habitats ranging from full sun to part shade, prefers sub-tropical climates and also grows well in temperate areas that experience warm winters. It prefers wet areas and will flourish in places such as the edge of rivers, lakes, streams and swamps although it will also do well in drier conditions, including roadsides and is drought and flood tolerant.

As most of us will be unable to scratch the travel-bug itch and visit our bucket-list countries overseas this year we thought we would send you to the tropical paradise of Matapouri Bay! Well, we can dream can't we! Matapouri Bay the Arthropodium has the look of the tropics or a serene Balinese escape with the beauty of being a lover of full sun but equally content in any shady corner or underplanting situation. Be it in a pot or rockery its clumping growth habit, fleshy foliage and stunning stems of delicate white flowers in spring all add up to a fantastic focal point.

Have a great week guys, we look forward to seeing you soon.

Best wishes :)


Wanneroo Plant Farm

Ph: 08 9405 2615

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