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Happy weekend one and all!

So we decided you all needed a bit of a time out for the usual Bali Bonza and sumptuous succy seleciones!! (Imagine my best French accent oui?!) instead we went the extra mile and gave you a proper mix of everything to really showcase our range! So presenting a regal but yet cheery (get it...coz it’s royal cheer...I know we are on top form today chaps!) native roo paw... decorated by the lovely koa for scale and well a hilarious photobombing opportunity really.

Next up for all you cottage garden fans or statement feature needs look no further...ficus emerald standard! A Stunning, lush lollipop and sun hardened too boot - what more could you ask for...I mean come on?! No it doesn’t grow money true but I didn’t say it was a magic tree people it is just a ficus after all!

Lastly just so you don’t have withdrawals from the tasty troppo goodies (they’re my fave too!) the crikey corr...blimey, caruba black cordy. I have one myself indoors but is also a performer in a shady spot outdoors surrounded by your other leafy Balinese dream delights and an excellent choice for colour contrast.

Ok team will love you and leave you to enjoy the rest of your weekends!

Enjoy the sunshine

Sent from Emma

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