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Landscapers' Delight

Happy weekend Greenies!

What stunning weather, hope you've all enjoyed a restful, relaxing day...cos we have a lot of goodies to keep you very busy next week!

This week sees our monthly focus on big value, bang for buck stock and landscaper favourites to give you instant "Wow factor" impact with your projects...starting with the most magnificent, massive Myrsine Africans in 200mm pots and closely following on in the hedging theme are some great bang for buck Syzigium Bush Xmas in 305mm!

Two native favourites for great landscaping variety, also looking good right now are Hibbertia Scandens 200mm and Banksia Attenuata Dwarf also in 200mm, both will give amazing yellow flowers and green foliage all attractive to our native birds and bugs.

Finally two fabulous native trees to complete the variety of the landscape growth habits, Eucalyptus Victrix (Little Ghost Gum) has smooth white bark and gorgeous small white/creamy flowers in warmer months, growing to an approximate maximum of 8m tall by 4m wide and the divine Eucalyptus Silver Princess with it's red bark and lighter upper boughs crowned by a glorious shower of pinky-red flowers that bees are powerless to resist and maximum growth similar to the Victrix but possibly a little wider.

Well that's enough food for thought, hope to hear from you soon!

Have a great week :)



Wanneroo Plant Farm

Ph: 08 9405 2615

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