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More incoherent babbling!

You know when you have this realisation either prompted by a friend, family member or unaided that you have been singing the incorrect words to your fave songs for years...?? I have many classics such as Punk-ass Sally, I want to eat cheese and most recently Tell my Mum I said hi (now to be fair, some I am aware they’re not right but wasn’t sure and preferred my not for radio, shower only or uninhibited, unencumbered couple of vinos version)! However that last one...I would have bet money on that one!

Anywhoo I digress, incoherent babbling of a mad britstraylian aside what I am getting at is that penny drop, glass breaking realization feeling that you experience that is usually followed by a slow rolling oooohhhhhh and occasionally head slapping action ensues (incidentally one of my fave and most used emoji) that’s what you will experience yourselves if you miss out on grabbing some of these beauties that we have created just for you!! BEHOLD...a delightful and varied bunch for you all this week - aggies in flower and butterkins boldly brandishing buttercup buds!! (Had fun with that one!) Chunky, majestic topiaries for those who love a more formal and cottagy statement piece and I just can’t resist these cannas...the contrast of the dark leafy tropical foliage with the vibrant, exotic sprays of flowers...stunning!! Alrighty team I will sign off now and bid you all a good weekend! Stay hydrated!

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