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Get out and enjoy the sun :)

Happy sunny Saturday folks and folkesses!

Great day for gardening, golfing and garage sale going and general galavanting now wouldn’t you say?!

So with no further ado I introduce to you some newbies to our Wanneroo plant family...the asplenium island beauty and boy is she a beauty alright as you can clearly see in the attached picture of an advanced 25cm size! Delicate intricate fronds in a vibrant deep emerald setting available from 130s through to advanced. Whilst on the fern subject another one looking ferny fine is the nephrolepis emerald queen! Plant royalty indeed another great indoor specimen that can tolerate low light very well.

In the words of Monty python...And now for something completely different! Another newbie is the terrific tolley olives! Looking tolleytastic with all the appeal of an olive minus the fruit so no staining on those lovely light pavers!

Now onto a flowering theme...we have angelic aggies in bud and beautifully bold bird attracting bottlebrush bursting with bud and flower!! Now last but by no means least jazzy Jasmin nitidum available in 200s also in bud and flower! I know we spoil you so!

Sorry guys that was an earful will leave you in peace now!

Enjoy your weekends!

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